Green Collection Artifacts

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Green Scholars Initiative

Museum of the Bible supports scholarship and academic research through the Green Scholars Initiative, which brings together established and young scholars to pioneer groundbreaking research on items in the Green Collection. Formed in the summer of 2010, Green Scholars Initiative allows the world’s leading textual scholars to research and produce scholarship on items in the Green Collection while mentoring students. More than 60 universities around the world are currently participating in the Green Scholars Initiative, and others are in the process of joining.

Green Collection

When the Green family, founders of national retail chain Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., purchased their first biblical artifact in November 2009, they never expected to assemble in only a few years what is now one of the world’s largest private collections of rare biblical texts, objects, and artifacts.

Known as the Green Collection, the compilation of over 40,000 objects includes some of the rarest and most significant biblical texts and artifacts ever assembled under one roof. Highlights of the Green Collection include cuneiform tablets dating from the time of Abraham, Dead Sea Scroll fragments, biblical papyri and manuscripts, Torah scrolls, and rare printed Bibles.

A portion of this collection is currently displayed through the traveling exhibition Passages, which has traveled to five cities nationwide. The collection has also been featured internationally through significant traveling exhibits in Vatican City; Havana, Cuba; and Jerusalem, Israel.

Guests will be able to experience this impressive collection year-round when Museum of the Bible opens its 430,000-square-foot nonprofit museum in Washington, D.C., scheduled to open in 2017.

Executive Director of the Green Scholars Initiative